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Eventually, comes to respect Maverick and uses his techniques. He is forced to eject in enemy territory and Maverick comes to save him.

Pbs' `Lethal Innocence': A Docudrama With A Difference

Young Guns and more Morgan Creek properties will be rebooted. Buy Tickets. Earn Points. Abominable The Curse of Buckout Road. The Day Shall Come. First Love The Golden Glove.

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Judy Is it her smoothie husband? Her best male friend? Her best female friend? The man who says he's a serial killer hired by her husband? Or the weirdo who tries to force her car off the road? With so much complexity, one eventually stops caring who did it, for it really doesn't matter. It's one of the best yet, partly because Caine is unusually articulate about his life and career and sees both clearly and sensibly.

Nat Turner Revisited | AMERICAN HERITAGE

There are the expected praiseworthy comments from filmmakers and actors, but what makes this such an engrossing hour is hearing Caine talk about his working-class roots, why he wanted to become an actor, and how he has felt about his various roles. It's an amusing, slight tale about a lover of mystery novels who begins to see evidence of fictional plots in his everyday life. Mark Murphy is appealing as the paranoid mystery fan. Written by David Ossman and Judith Walcutt, it involves a murder at an art gallery opening.

It has a large cast, and the acting varies alarmingly. Booksmart Booksmart is about Molly and Amy Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever , two accomplished girls who are currently enjoying their final day of high school—and realizing that they've alienated all of their peers by focusing only on school and each other. When Molly decides the pair needs a party experience before graduation, it kicks off an epic night of social awkwardness, attempted hook-ups, accidental drug use, and inescapable theatre kids.

The love-you-to-death friendship between Molly and Amy is the heart of director Olivia Wilde's movie, and major credit is due to Dever and Feldstein for crushing that chemistry. But anyway, Brittany decides to get her life together by losing weight and training for a marathon. There are plenty of enjoyable things in this movie, but I can't recommend it to anyone who's struggled with disordered eating.

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Certain Women Certain Women is full of slow, quiet scenes in which women are putting on socks, smoking, or tending to chores. In another movie, these would be the passing moments in between the real action, or be used to quickly make clear who someone is or where she lives. Yes, lots of people will be bored in the theater, even though the plot eventually delivers hostage negotiations, prison visits, and illicit lesbian crushes. But the gorgeous, impressively empty landscape makes every small face that appears beneath it seem interesting and important.

Reichardt is no stranger to the West, and the Oregon she portrays in her film Wendy and Lucy is melancholy and perfect.

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In Certain Women , every minute expression holds tremendous weight—which she uses to communicate the small yet crushing frustrations that come with being a woman. Class War: Comedies of Poverty and Wealth Let the Beacon give you a cinematic panorama of dark comedies about the haves, the have-nots, and the endless conflict between them.

The Beacon Thursday—Friday. The Farewell If you had a fatal disease, would you want to know?

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Her year-old grandmother, known as Nai Nai, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and given three months to live. Her family decided not to tell her she was sick at all.

It features Awkwafina, the wonderful rapper and actor, in her first starring role. In conclusion, vote Hobbs and Shaw in Grand Illusion Friday-Saturday. Fuselage Dance Film Festival At the second edition of this festival, see dance films from artists based in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The opening party on September 13 will sport food, drink, multimedia, and performances. Yaw Theater Friday—Saturday.

Revisiting Summer of Sam – Spike Lee’s other great heatwave movie

Good Boys If you think a year-old saying "Fuck" is kinda funny—and for the record, I'm not judging you—then you'll probably have fun with Good Boys. There are a bunch of year-olds in it, and they all say "fuck" a lot, which also doubles as the film's plot synopsis. The Hitch-hiker It's the 21st century and women film directors in America, while by no means rare, are still outnumbered by their male colleagues. This despite the fact that women behind the camera have a long history.

Scarecrow Video Thursday only. Honeyland Hatidze subsists in the Macedonian mountains in much the same world as her ancestors hundreds of years ago: a hut made of stones, no electricity, no running water, living off the land. She lives with her very old mother, surviving by harvesting honey and selling it in the town market.

When a nomadic Turkish family with seven wild kids in an RV set up nearby with their herd of cows, they change the atmosphere drastically. The father is under heavy pressure to support the family, and he has little regard for the environment or engaging in sustainable practices. The doc is an interesting glimpse into a quiet, old way of life, but the pace is slow, and the film sags while the people just hang out and go about their daily business. Hustlers If you were looking forward to women-focused crime capers in The Kitchen and felt let down, rejoice!

Former erotic dancers, led by J. Lo, team up to rob their grossly rich clients. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone writes: "As a stripper who can work a pole better than rivals half her age, Lopez is that dazzling, that deep, that electrifying. This you don't want to miss. Best of all, screenings are free! Cinebarre Issaquah Saturday—Sunday. Like the first film, Chapter Two has high points, but Muscietti also drags scenes out for far too long. This is an above-average blockbuster, and audiences who go to Chapter Two looking for a monster movie will find something much better than usual. But King fans will be left wanting—though perhaps in a way that makes them want to reread It and remember why they loved it so much in the first place.

Grand Illusion Friday—Sunday.