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Jibe Gothic iow? Celibacy no longer seems to exist in our lexicon. They were not required to enjoy it.. The pleasure of sex was a right solely reserved for their husbands. Of course, dotted among the majority were a few enlightened spirits, but for those few women who did discover the joy of sex that night, ft — or rather — they came as a nice surprise. A nd then suddenly, out of the murky , mists of this New Dawn, ventured enlighten- ment. The Blessed Marie Stopes. Which, of course, she was. The amount of it may have been. In feet, the amount certainly was.

Bor what about the. The freedom to do It was as. Because we were stiff learning. Who from that time does not remember the magazine Forum? Our monthly sex manual. Take her nipple between thumb and forefinger and roH it around until she begins to move with uncontrollable pleasur e.. All gains are lasses. T his time, when Big Ben chimes toe hour of the new century and millennium, there will be a lot of anxious people standing around thinking about the best way to organise the celebratory bonk.

Or they will put their hearts and souls into looking as if rftey have no expectations and avoid staring at the haL Either way. In a recent study on sexuality, it was stated that folk in their sixties and seventies were now having the best sex of their lives. This seems a very positive, not to say mind-boggling, discovery. Especially since 1 pictured myself fetching up with a rubber hip joint and a hearing aid. Not to let the side down. I must besport a dainty varicose ankle and give the glad eye to some old geezer on toe next bench to mine.

And he. And Oh Lor. Getting Back Brahms, will be published bv Faber on April Strange, then, that the report just out from the Equal Opportunities Commission confirms none or this. Women stfll earn, on average. The evidence points to the fact that men are still being paid a premium just for being male. Clearly this is wrong. What case could there be to argue for it?

And yet there are plenty of people who would be happy to see a greater disparity in men and women's pay: indeed, they would like to see women out of the workplace altogether. Men whose supremacy has been questioned are bound to be resentful, and who wouldn't protect their own power base?

The female argument for unequal pay. Women who regard the office as a male preserve need to feel that the domestic sphere is valued or. Any appreciation of a female workforce feds like a criticism of them: inequality of pay is the last remaining corroboration of their way of life. There is, however, some truth in the depiction of women finding employment at the cost of men losing theirs.

What people should recognise, though, is that this is a consequence of toe unfair pay differential. They do it because it cuts their wages bill. Paying the price for not minding the wage gap Nigella Lawson even as they resent it. Of course, too much attention is always paid to women at he other, loftier, end of the scale.

But only historically is this true. Womert may be taking jobs once done by men but that doesn't make any job a man's job. But while unemployment is high, who is in a position to complain? Thar is especially true in managerial occupations which, incidentally, have a particularly large sex-pay differeniiai. It is also undeniable that even though society, the way we live our lives, has changed, at die back of our minds is the idea that a man is the breadwinner.

He must earn to support a wife and children: women, if they are nos selfish careerists hellbent on their own advancement, are otherwise just working for pin money. There is bound to be a lag between reality and toe image we have of iL But in the case of pay. This is a means by which one can tell someone is trying to ring when one is already on the phone. This works wonderfully in America but not at all over here. Because everyone here is so afraid of seeming rude by letting their first caller know that a second is on the line that they ignore die signal. T do believe the key to the Great Millennium Exhibition.

I even know whar that key.

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It would look like a Yale key. I know this because, if the nation were asked to vote for its favourite key. It would leave the Chubb and the IngersoD at the post And that is the fey to the key: for the key to the Great Millennium Exhibition is vox petputi. And since it seems to be generally agreed that whar the Greenwich Megadame should contain is the quintessence of Britain, it must surely follow, in these poll-driven times, that it has to be left to the British people to determine what that quintessence is.

There must, before the Megadome is topped out, be national referendums about everything it is to enshrine. I tried to picture someone enjoying it. It took but a moment to realise why: it was because Des himself had, a month back, been elected by the British as their personality of the century. Who better, then, to place in a snug fireside chair, deep in Middle Earth, accompanied only by the voice of Doris Day trilling Move Over, Darting — which the British recently voted song of the century — as the core exhibit and icon of Megadome ?

A poll must be held. It will almost certainly come up with a reproduction Regency wing item in green leather, with distressed buttons.

What these are romping on, mind, as Des chuckles over his elves, is less guessable: once, it would have been figured Wilton, later a nice shagpile. Mega- dome visitors crane to see. Will it be a stick of KirKai or a nibble of Mars? Well, very likely both — unless, between now and then, some sly opportunist knocks up a green-faced woman riding an elephant, especially if he throw's in a couple of gleaners for good measure.

And has Des been voted a car? He has: beyond his muliioned window through which, at every hour on rhe hour, the holo- grammed face of dear Eric Morecambe will pop, asking Des to bring him sunshine , the British people's most cherished motor sits in the rose-girt drive. It is a Morris Minor. Very soon now. Des will put down Tolkien, turn off Doris, wind the carriage clock which beat its grandfather only after a recount, and drive across the Megadome to a thatched , pub with a big blonde barmaid and a shove- ha'penny board for a pint of lukewarm bitter and a Smith's Original crisp.

He will not, however, stay long. He must get back for an early dinner. Because tonight, as every night, Des has tickets for The Mousetrap. Give charity a chance S lowly the fog begins to thin. From its depths we see dark shapes of things to come. Round him chatter dwarfs — Blunkett, Smith. Harman, Straw — tugging at his purse. We mortals thought we knew it all.

We stumble blinking from the grim Nineties to be told of a land of bright promise ahead. Yet what horror do these creatures of the fog foretell? They are not true Hobbits. Ministers still had red blood in their veins, a White Paper would be published and blue water put between the parties. The papers duly printed this rainbow tale. The relevant dwarf. He condemned those who could savage the -most vulnerable in our society". Destitute women, orphans and the disabled, he implied, were to be thrown to the wolves of private profit At last thought Mr Smith, here was a socialist bone on which he could chew.

Yet between breakfast and dinner, somebody got at Mr Smith. By Sunday the policy was transformed. It would be looked at pragmatically. Was Mr Smith outraged? Was he all sweet reason? Of course. He is more than Chancellor-in-waiting. Subcontracting personal social services for the elderly and children is likely to save money. Personal social services are all three. They are a backwater of a backwater. These services may employ a quarter of. They may cost E8 billion, the equivalent of 4p on income tax. But they are about, the incontinent old. A target was set of 85 per cent of places to be privately provided.

Only 46 per cent has been achieved. As for children in care, 60 per cent are privately fostered, but almost all the rest are in focal council homes. New figures apparently also show that casts in the private sector are roughly 20 per cent lower than in the public In addition, as one scandal after another testifies, local council homes are not independently inspected. They are truly out of sight and out of mind.

From the foundling hospital to the great charitable asylums. But tocare does not mean to provide. He who pays the piper can. The State is entitled to value for money. Small wonder that officials charged with spending such sums want to see them goi; to homes run by friends and patty colleagues. Small wonder, that they prefer fostering to adaption, because fostering, keeps children under their control and the money flowing.

The stifling of adoption in Britain by local political activists is costly and cruel both to duldren and to prospective parents. FersonaLservioes have proved more deficatefrhe care of the elderly, toe. What is attractive is-toe opeaiqg this policy. State hap-: any.

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Schools, hospitals, clinks, libraries" and police stations all now operate under centralised regimes unthinkable 20 years ago- Local government is dis- empowered, and scope for innovation has been diminished But one. Streets are deaner and rubbish is better collected as a result gamble, a gamble wife : fee. The charitableinstinct- is. Ctmuriumtjr has hoi -sir. Perhaps its - hour, has come in this wrarthy cause. Five yeac aga the file prepared for Neil Kinnodc indrtded such a proposal, but it was shaved when Labour last the - ejection.

This time the need for a radical rethink about how the British government m ac h i n e deals with Europe is far more urgent. Civil servants are being pressurised on all side?. At home their political masters and their putative political masters in fee Labour Rsuly are bickering and backtracking over Europe. Once it would not have nattered to Whitehall, for officials were able to take along view of Brussels and ail its works.

No longer. Today other leading members of fee Eli are stepping tip the pace, setting tight deadlines, pressing for answers. For British officials there is no escape. The birthplace is not on the scale of fee Freud Museum in north London, but the local council in Pribor. The Freud family — Sigmund, his mother and wool merchant father — lived in the J6ft by 16ft hasement of the house until Freud moved to Vienna in The room now contains fake marble flooring and white sofas. She has asked the round! Perhaps this is justice for Pribor's long neglect of Its most famous son.

It was only in that the town built a monument to him. The Editors office explains that its troops will g w to stories faster than ever before. He is leaving to write novels. Claims that he fell out wife fee Editor. No matter feat no'one recalls Ginton having a stepsister. They are afraid. The For- m. Yet tfreie! Madonna and Lovc wifl. Oscars drive i b talfinsat gfr. Madonna, once rioted for her conical bras, is now the Os-' car-tipped star of Evita. Larry ffynt. EiimjfeoljeS'and Eprophilra might wdoonre. War of 25 millionGermans from the Sudetenland.

Herr Kohl also promised' to support Czech membership of the European Union. The accord isinienritedtoend. Yet all three hopes may yet be disappointed;! Both men were determined to. Neither received in full what he wanted. Czechpslovak soil Yet the accord does, at last allow' Germany to restore its political and cultural influence to an area where over tire centuries it has played a generally determining role.

Germany is by far the biggestmarket for East European, industries- struggling to; - break out of the stifling constrictions of the old- Comecon framework. Inevitably, German industrial habits, the German language and the German vision of the new Europe have 'swept m with the consumer tide. Above all, they are riot convinced, despite warm words in Bonn, that Germany is as zealous in promoting their interests within the EU as it is in furthering its own interests to the east The crucial demand of Budapest Warsaw and Prague is for access to EU markets, especially for their farm products.

And Germany has shown that it is far from championing the cause of the EU applicants. Nothing would be crueller than to encourage them to prepare tor EU membership while holding up their exports at. Their spokesmen : whips. Labour likes to boast of the changed work in cubbyholes, with a researcher, a policies that it has achieved even in shared secretary and adog.

And and paedophile Bills, a Bill on combat they have to refyon die Tube to take them to - knives; and greater supervision of poKce fashionable parties. Blairs office to. Union from The Netherlands. As any bookmaker knows, a i Blairs spin-doctors could have wished for racing certainty can easily be defeated. Then yesterday, at the launch of a report the winning side. Britons are famously sympathetic!

Mr Blair joked, that- he. I would have to resort. He would j him to Amsterdamon Friday. With a tmyraajority,the much. But parents have always projected their fears and obsessions on their children. And our current dirtary fads stem partly from the admirable modem craze for healthy living, and partly from folk memories of war and rationing. Greens and other vegetables contain vitamins, nutrients and roughage f yspptial to healthy growth.

But then so do plenty of other foods now available. This latest research into children's diets Was funded by a frozen food company and the Cancer Research Campaign. Supermarketing has brought to the shelves vegetables that were considered exotic weeds a generation ago, and keeps them there through every season. Modem cooking has found tastier recipes for vegetables than boiling them to pulp.. And salads of a variety undreamt of a generation ago are a favourite dish —of teenage girls at least - The human body is a magnificently adaptable machine.

Provided that the body is kept active, a naturally healthy hunger- will usually find a healthy diet So tile changing-feds of the experts should always be taken with a pinch of salt And children should be encouraged to develop their own tastes. These could well include vegetables. It criticises schools. This assertion begs the if whether children consider Brus- Us and parsnips to be edible veget- he strict acceptance ofiwlh. And Economist figures mv chat household consumption en vegetables has fallen from per person per week to 0 years later.

January 21 is unconvincing. Communities Bill through the House, said: Let. They set out. No wonder ordinary people lose patience with such sophistry and fed betrayed. Sir Edward Heath seems to confuse sovereignty with power. They are not the same thing. House of Commons. January From Lord Bctoff Sir, By quoting from a silly little book I wrote as a cloistered don nearly 30 years ago. House of Lords. From MrJ. Davis Sir, Lord Setoffs view letter. The essentially federal narure of the EEC and the aspiration of the original members to press on to ever greater unity had been on public display for over 20 years before we joined, as Sir Edward Heath has made clear.

It has taken, so it seems, a further 20 years for us to wake up to what we did. When one considers what that says about the honesty and competence of the mother of Parliaments and the alertness of what is supposed to be one of rhe most sophisticated electorates in the world, it rather suggests that that pessimism was totally justified.

Yours faithfully. From Mr Patrick Howard Sir. I would maintain that this has been achieved only through our opting out of Union policies on the ERM. January 21 illustrates why the House of Lords should remain in being. We all want the police to have sufficient means to detect crime, but not at any pried Yours faithfully. Business News. These do not amount to actual spending as Raiiiraefc proves.

To put this in perspective. January 20 that Nicola Horlick. Over-inflated salaries and bonus rates exist purely because of the self- interest of fellow-executives, who knew that by suggesting them they will benefit too. East Sussex. In the last year of the integrated railway. Despite an increase in grant of 60 per cent there is just no evidence of real improvements in services. Yet there can be little doubt that the old integrated railway, given these additional resources, would have provided substantial, long-term improvements. Yours sincerely. General Secretary.

National Union of Rail. What they win on the swings in their lucky years, they do not have to pay back on the roundabouts, when fortune or skill deserts them. They are fortunate to be paid millions for placing lire bets. Yours very truly, james McFarlane. Shropshire- January From Mr E. Guy Abel Sir. Pennington Business News. West Stow. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. From MrP.

Yours faithfully, P. January IS. Such factors. January 20 : Remembrance of Things Past Marcel Proust. Would you be prepared to offer a small prize to the reader who can supply a better example of bathos, in any medium or context? Ashwell Farmhouse, llminster, Somerset January Unspeakable offer From MrsC. Upton Sir, A catalogue of rare books received at this house today is offering us The Gollymgg's Fox-hunt published Is this the least politicaily- correct title currently available?

Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Letters that are intended tor publication should carry a daytime telephone Dumber. They may be sent to a fax number — i. To rhe many thousands of us who have already paid tribute to Rabbi Gryn ai his funeral or the subsequent memorial senice. Sadly die Jewish community - , now numbering Jess than Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire. January 1M. In the steps of Todd From Mr M. Atkins Sir. There was, of course, a difference between the late Lord Todd and the Almighty letters.

January lo. It was recorded in a limerick, told me by an American tribologtst; he said that it was current in Christ's when he was an undergraduate there, in the early s: Doesn't it strike you as odd That a common place fellow likeTridd Should spell, if you please. His name with two Ds, When one is sufficient for God? Nr Caroforth. From Mr W.

Lord Sir. At Cambridge There was a certain amount of rivalry between Todd's chemistry department and the physics department, where the Cavendish Professor was the distinguished solid- state physicist. Sir NevilJ Mott. Todd Thinks he's Gudd. Miffl Says he's non. Ir was most welcome but — and this is a disturbing thought — how did they know me? To Teseo she is Mrs E.

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They don't know me from Adam. She might have been a widow or. Confidentiality means little in these plastic card and junk-mail days. West Sussex. Du he! I Sir. Woonon Bassett. I must disagree with your leading article, "Peace in their rime" January 16 , in one respect. The situation wfll not simply stand still while talks proceed; there remains a serious danger of it deteriorating and destroying the peace process.

Fourth, what price sensitivity to their feelings? President of the Rrnonr. Crime Concern, this evening attended the Curp. Lorn- bard Street. Queens Bridge Road. Nottingham, at Cavendish Road. Nottingham, at L will visit the British Geological Survey. Nottingham, at 1. The Duke of Kent, as Pan-on.

Senior Warden, and Mr W. Junior Warden. Lord Remnant. Mr Alderman Gavyn Arthur. Group Captain John constable. Mr Teny Morris. Mr Alistair Black. Mr W 5 Shand. President of Ihe Royal Society of Medicine, accompanied by Lady Paine, received the guests at a'reception and dinner held last night at l Wintpofe Street.

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Sir Michael Davies was the principal speaker. Sir Donald and Ladv Harrison. Lady Davies, sir Gordon and Ladv Robson. Mr Alastair Goodlud. Throgmorton Avenue. London EC2. The Duchess of Kent. Royal Pd- cmn. John Hurt the actor, is 57 today Birthdays today Viscount Bearsfead. British Museum. Mr John Last, arts patron. Post Office. Secretary of State for Education and Employment. S5; Lord Wardington.

Thom EMI. Canon Donald Gray. Secretary General of the United Nations. OM, gave an address. The Lord Chancellor was present. Donna Virginia Scarettl. Lord and Lady Campbell of Cray. Captain and Mrs L M Sheepshanks. Mr Andrew sheepshanks. Mr Christopher Sheepshanks. Jane Lady Noble. Sir David Noble. Mrs John Porter. Mr Charles Noble. Commander and Mrs M G Chichester.

Colonel PhiUp lebb. Mrs Irene Hunter. Mrs D Stewart. Mr and Mrs James Stewart. Vice- Admiral sir Allstair and Lady Ewing. Mr R C Wilkin. Lady Serena James. Sir tain and Lady Noble. Mr John Noble. Miss Anastasia Noble. Mr and Mrs Tim Rode. Mrs Elizabeth Cotton, viscountess Dungarvan. Ear and Countess Ferrers.

Eari Grey. Earl JeJilcoe. Patricia Countess Jelllcne. Lord and Lady Nicholas Gordon Lennox. Viscount Colville oT Cuirass. Viscount Falkland, viscount and Viscountess Norwich. Lon Addington. FBA, Lady Berkeley. LonJ Blakrr. Lady Bonham Carter. Lord Boston of F avers ham. QC, lord and Lady Bridges. Sir Isaiah Berlin, OM. Sir Alan CampbeU. Ladv C a zalet , sir Alcon and Lady Coplsarow. Lady couteon. Sir sir Guy and Lady Millard.

Lady Penn. Sir rarrfck arid Lady Reilly. Sir Frank Roberts. Dame Mary smleton. Sir John Smith. CH, and Ladv smith. Sir James Spooner. Sir John UK. VI era. MrlWeriufo , Wakefield. Mr Donald Anderson. Mrs E Bennea. Mr Alexander Borg Olivier. Brigadier Alan cowan. Mrs Waiter Goetz. Mrs Mervyn HeaTd. Mr Robert Jackson. Mrs Timothy Jones. Mr and Mrs U Mralid Mrekofler tonsrigg. Mr Roger Lubbock.

Mis Terence Maxwell. Nigel Nlcalron. Mr George Nissen. Mr Tim Rath bone. Mr Kenneth Rose. Mr and Mts Anthony Sampson. Mr J w R Shakespeare. Mr John Stevenson. Mr Andrew Stewart Roberts. Mr P D Trevor-Roper. Mr Ben Whitaker. Mr Philip Ziegler. Mr Michael Davies Clerk of toe Partlaraano]. Mr Anthony Smith fPmsJdent. French Engineering institution.

Lord Dacreof Clanton. Baroness David. Lord and Ladv Derwenc. Lord Diamond. Lady Ecclesof Moulton. Lord and Lady Ellon, Lord Ezra. Lord GaJnfort. Lord Gtllmore of TtiamesDeld. Ladv Go re-Booth. Lord Greenhill of Harrow. Lord Hampton, Lord Harris or Greenwich. Lord Hartwell, Lord Holme or Cheltenham. Baroness Hooper. Lord Hoosan. QC Lord mctiyn. Lord Judo, Lord Lawson of Blaoy. Lord and Lady Lloyd of Berwick.

Lord Mackle of Benshle. Lord MacLehose of Bench. Lord and Lady Martesford. Lord McNally. Lord Mutton of Lindbfeme. Lord Prior. Lord Pym. Baroness Rawlings. Lord Rcdesdale. Lord Richardson. Baroness Robson of Klddlngton. Lord Rochester. Lord Rodgers of Quany Bank. Lord Roll of lpsden. Lord Shaw of Nonhstead. Lord shaweross. Baroness Strange. Lord and Lady Tanlaw. Lord wigoder. Mr Michael Alison. Mr Paul Channon. Mr Aubrev Jones, MP. Sir Christopher and Ladv Siaughlon.

Lady Jane Howard. Lady Arabella Stuart. Priscilla Lady Baron. Lady Carew Pole. Sir Anihony and Lady Meyer. Sir Peier and lady Petrie. Lady Plctahom. Sir William Goodhue, QC. Mr Francfs Sftwetl. Mr John Nutting. Mrl L Mackeson-Santfbach. Mrs Brian Sevens, Mrs vyvyan Harmsworm. Mr and Mrs David Trehemt Pollock. Mr Alan wuuams, Miss Emma Williams. Mr Christopher Wilson. Mrand Mo John Wilson. Mn ftwwls Otto. Mr Mark Burnett. Miss Vtrguda Utchfledd. Mr Andrew- Christie Miller. Mr Peter Stanley. Mr Sam Guy. Mr Jama Hambra. Mr and Mrs Paul wansbrough. Major H Waterhouse. Mr A Kollo. Mr David Dixon. Mr Harry Ram. Viscount Ashbrook gave an address. Mrs St John Brook Johnson sister. Mr William Ram. Miss Camilla Ram. Dr and Mrs Nicholas Brown. Mr and Mrs Peter Ram. Mr and Mrs Juvand Djortjevic. Miss Caroline Brook Johnson. Mr and Mrs Toby Falconer. Mr Andrew MolUsan. The Courier Printing. Sir David English chairman. Associated Newspapers. Mr Peter Williams finance director.

Associated Newspapers Holdings. The Duke and Duchess of Roxburgh? Viscountess Ashbrook. Lora Kimball, Lord Reltoof Castieacre. Victoria Lady Palmer. Lord Hlndllp. Loro chedwode. Lord and Lady Fatnham. Lord and Lady Camoys. The Hon Mrs Peter Brooke. Sir Richard and Lady Luce.

I be Hon Christopher and Mn chetwude. Sir John word le. Mr George Pope. Mrs Rica Berry, Mr. Rory Macpherapn. Mr Richard Hoare.

Mr Simon Berry. Mr James Berry. Mr Gerald Want Mn p Lowndes. Miss Jane wyteham- Musgrave. Mr and Mrs SB Kenyonslaney. Mr and Mis S CresweU. Miss Vera Carrvea. Mr Mlcbasl Johns. Miss Catherioe Coyle. Mr Ian Cameron. Mr and Mrs Michael Bowater. Mr Andrew Regan. Mrs Jennifer Collins.

Mr Marc Obrsootn. Mr and Mis Simon Scrape.

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Mr and Mts S J Turner. Miss Camilla Geddes. Mr and Mrs David Hum.