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Rachael A Payne. Jekyll Says More!

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John R. Black Static 56 January-February Johnny Buckingham. The Experiment. Brendan O' Casey. Martin Lee Bailey. Interzone November-December Black Static 55 November -December I Nearly Died Laughing.

Tony Husband. Black Static 51 Mar-Apr Tim Murgatroyd. Teeny Tiny Tales. Willie Wit. From Where I Stand. Robert Zimmermann. Calvin W. Ian Watson. Nightmare Magazine, August John Joseph Adams. Drawing Funny. Oslo Davis. But, Baby, It's Cold Outside. Stuart Aken. Ring Cycle. Carl-Peter Hough. Out of the Solitary Mind. Devaki Maenon. The Soul of an Author. The Missing.

The Sample of Dume. H K Hillman. The Under Born. Kate Trinity.

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During the Dance. Mark Lawrence. Will You Sing Fredric? Jacob Mossberg. Below the Bollocks Line.

The Secret Life of Gonner Andling. Val Edward Simone. Unreliable Thoughts.

Issue 120, May 12222

Sam Shooter. Dear Martha. Phil Graham. George Loves Gistla. James Mckimmey. Deadly Deception. Michael P. Stuart Williams. Your Last Day on Earth. Carla Hartsfield. The Amazing Trail of Seymour Snail. Lynn E. Terrence Gavin Willis. Brandt Geertzeb. Richard Diedrichs. Infinite Fractals. Edwin J Malcolm. Antonio Moretti.

The Offering Museum. David W. Satisfying Clicking Sound. Jason Guriel. An Epitaph for Everything. Sarah Lynne Betts. Mad Scientist Journal: Winter Dawn Vogel. Maps on the Wall. Lucian Carter. The Scoundrel's Wife. Ben Langdon. A Fall of Glass. Stanley R. Page Wolf Sherman. Watson's Washday. Bob Williams. Uncanny Magazine Issue Lynne M. Overall, The 24 Hour Brother offers a well written, thoughtful and affecting depiction of the fleeting thing that we call life. Faithful City by Michael Pevzner. One city remains, heralded as the last bastion of humanity, while the rest of the surviving population struggles to subsist on the wreckage civilisation left behind.

The city grants visions to those it considers worthy, calling them to it with its irresistible song.

However, the city may not be what it truly seems, and what exactly does it want from those it summons? All in all, Faithful City is a strange, dark tale that offers a glimpse of a disturbing yet intriguing world. Although it is perhaps not as polished as the other two stories in this issue, and I was able to guess how its conclusion with relative ease, I still thought it was generally well written and imaginative, a decent all-round effort for a first published short story.

This story was probably my favourite in this issue, although it does have the advantage of being a carefully selected reprint instead of a previously unpublished work. All in all, I found it interesting, well-paced and readable and believe Monette deserves some commendation for managing to make an ugly dressing gown, of all things, convincingly sinister.