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Would these templates work for me, my books are well under pages, for now anyway. Hi Winona, thanks for your comment. The templates will work for any kind of book. Some books are easier to do in Word than others, and if you have a full-color book I would not advise using Word to produce it. On the other hand, if you are doing chapter books that are predominantly text, the templates will work just fine.

And keep in mind that they are guaranteed. Hi Tricia, I would suggest you take a look at our Historian template. While all of our templates will accept photos and provide formatting for captions, the nonfiction templates have a wider array of formatting styles. All templates accept photos, and nonfiction templates like Historian have lots of style definitions and master pages in the InDesign version to accommodte lots of different kinds of material.

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I loved this. Was totally hooked from the intro.! Had no idea you wrote this article until the very end I read it in my e-mail. Your new business sounds equally fascinating.

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Why fight what the majority wants? Kudos to you and Tracy. I hope your business booms! Hi Amanda, thanks for your comment and for your good wishes. I think these templates are going to help a lot of authors get their books done faster and better. Thanks for reminding me that sometimes, the best tool to use is the easiest one to find in the toolbox.

Richard, WordPerfect was awesome, I started with version 4. Creative ideas — I learned a lot from the information — Does someone know if I would be able to get access to a blank a form document to fill out? Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Comments What are your thoughts on Apple Pages and Scrivener? What is the best template for a travel book with many images. Joel: I loved this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, companies that sell package deals including editing, typesetting, marketing, etc.

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This business model is generally given a rather unflattering name never used by these companies themselves: vanity presses. Many authors who say they are self-published are really the customers of a good old-fashioned vanity press. But it is not self-publication in the purest sense, and it involves a different set of tradeoffs from self-publication. I always encourage authors to go into any publication model with their eyes wide open, to be sure that the model they have chosen is the right one for them and their book.

Personally I think the Book Designer and Joanna Penn are fantastic resources for independent authors. Their sites cover so much, and always offer free additional resources as well. Thanks so much. This is just so dope! But this has not just spiced up my morning, it has also reignited my inner warrior. Thank you Marisol. Have a blessed week. Thank you for your work, Marisol. You gathered in one post so many necessary resources for self-publishing! The first is a powerful plagiarism checker, which is handy to use before sending your submission to publishers.

Unplag scans all popular types of documents for potential plagiarism in a few seconds! The second is an extremely useful resource for independent writers, as it has a blog, forums and podcasts with useful information for all writers. Also, it provides tips on improving writing career for beginning writers and even helps them to find a freelance job!

NO ONE should get asked to do creative work for free.

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Great resources for writers, I check them regularly for interesting information, useful advice and tools. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Self-publishing is hot right now.

Websites and blogs 1. Authority Self-Publishing Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport are bestselling self-published authors and marketing experts. The Book Designer With tons of self-publishing guides, advice, templates, and toolkits, The Book Designer is the go-to place for navigating the publishing world.

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The Independent Publishing Magazine As an author, editor and investigative journalist, Mick Rooney is serious about bringing you the latest from the independent publishing world. Self-publishing courses and toolkits 5. Writing tools 8. Scrivener Scrivener is a powerful writing tool that helps you organize research and easily structure long documents.

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Learn Scrivener Fast Scrivener is the secret to success for so many authors. Author 2. Formatting and design Calibre This e-book library management application lets you convert your content to and from an extensive list of formats. Streetlib Streetlib is a one-stop shop to write, publish and sell your book.

Vellum Vellum helps you polish the look of your book and get it ready for publication. Cover design Book Design Templates These ready-to-use templates for Microsoft Word and InDesign are a great alternative to the high cost of professional design services. DIY Book Covers This resource gives you access to everything you need to design a beautiful book cover: Tutorials, fonts, easy-to-edit templates, promotional materials, and more. Marketing Author Marketing Club Want to sell more books? Self Publishing Formula Take a page from bestselling self-published author Mark Dawson, who leveraged Facebook advertising to grow his list and sell more books.

Distribution E-junkie E-junkie is a well-established service for authors who want to sell directly to their audiences on their own platforms. Draft2Digital Draft2Digital makes distributing your book easy. Self-publishers, what are your favorite resources from this list? What would you add? Free Newsletter. Enjoyed that post? Subscribe for more:. Featured resource Unconventional Guide to Publishing Chris Guillebeau introduces the plan you need to finally share your book with the world. February 24, at am. Helen Scheuerer says:. February 28, at pm. Janalyn Voigt says:. February 29, at pm. Ojo A.

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